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They are a team of dedicated cannabis professionals who are passionate about Dabs! They are located in Hillsboro, Oregon and distribute their Extracts throughout Oregon state. Their passion and expertise stems from years of experience processing BHO in the medical space.  They are confident their high quality, high terpene pull-snap and terp-sugar products will not fail to impress. 

OLCC licensed extraction company Oregon. CO2 extraction, 100% cannabis terpenes, THC/CBD distillate, and rosin tech. 

Founded in 2016 their passion is cannabis and their purpose is to provide the state of Oregon with the highest quality of marijuana products on the market. With deep knowledge of the industry, and a passion for cannabis, they believe that every consumer deserves to be a connoisseur. By upholding the highest standards throughout their processes and bringing only the best products to market, Botanical Laboratories can make this a reality.

Mana Extracts has a mantra; never produce anything if it isn't going to be the best. This mindset applies to every aspect of their business. They hand select the best possible plants to harvest, constantly and meticulously perfect lab processes, discover new ways to increase product quality, and are pioneering a new generation of concentrate products that will be the new gold standard of the industry. If it has their name on it, you know you're getting the best.

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